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Dymelife Magazine spotlights established and up-and-coming urban glamour models from all over the map.

Want to be a contributing photographer or featured model? Please review our submission guidelines.

We will need FOR REVIEW: 4-6 EXCLUSIVE (never before seen, never published in print or posted online) high resolution images (300dpi at least), retouched, NO LOGOS OR TEXT on images in large .JPG format and in full color. Dimensions: 4400 pixels by 6800 pixels in size (11 in by 17 in).

Photos must be lingerie, swimwear or implied, unless shot for specific theme.

Photography credits and website, Model's name, measurements and info. Any links to websites or social media (esp. Twitter) where she wants to be found for modeling inquiries. Booking email address.

Send photos to: submissions@dymelifemag.com


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