True Sheroes 2012 Calendar

True Curves

16 Month Calendar 2012 Full Color

The Sheroes are a race of super powered women from the planet Curva. Their planet is in the Nuvo system, the next galaxy over. Their Queen Sinesca, her twin sister Princess Sinecoo and survivors have come to Earth to seek refuge and help protect them from the Nuratu, a group of sadistic alien scientist. They are led by the evil Dr. Kraitin who only wants to enslave the planet and harness the planet's energy for his own diabolic schemes. The Sheroes fear he may be heading here to earth. There are 16 known survivors. All remain in disguise for fear of the Nurato searching for them and they can't let what happen to Curva happen to Earth. “We are here to protect you. We are True Sheroes!”

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