Byron Andres

In Jan. Of this year I turned sixty,I started to write songs and got serious about my music I sent four of my song to an international songwriting contest in Nashville although I didn't win I received a Directors award for my song Countryfied,a few months ago I sent some of my best songs to be considered by other Artists there was no interest shown so I decided to record the songs myself and began to record my Album "Countryfied" I expect the release of this Album mid Nov. / 2010 I will do a music video to support the launch of the Album. I am releasing 10 songs , 9 songs are originals and I am doing one cover song written by Mel Tilis and recorder by Kenny Rodgers however my version will surprise everyone.I have also teamed up with Children's Hospital Foundation in B.C. Canada and two dollars from each Album sold will go to the Foundation

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  • Countryfied: New Album

    In Jan. Of this year / 2010 I turned sixty and I started writing songs I got serious and sent four of my songs to an international songwriting…

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