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Published by:
Christian Kasners
Tabloid / 11" x 14"
90 pages Wire-O
art, automobile, car, city, cityscape, conceptual, detroit, documentary, german, motorcity, photography, print-only, society, street, urban, USA

woodward avenue is one of the big avenues in detroit, that leads from downtown to the rich suburbs. the pictures in this book were partly taken on foot and partly out of a car. taking pictures was focused on societal and economic circumstances and how they can be condensed and made visible through photography. the streets as a point of reference hint at the dimensions of the city, buildings mirror the social situation, objects show traces of use.

taking pictures out of a moving car is associated with detroits history as the origin of the automobile, the historically close connections between photography and the street, as well as with how the cityscape is constructed in terms of its visibility out of the car.