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Spice Chart Poster

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Renee Shelton
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
Cooking, Food & Wine
chart, cooking, food, infographic, poster, Spices

This chart lists 37 different essential spices used in the kitchen. Custom made and designed by Beach Cuisine, Inc. • Handy guide includes the name, what type of spice it is (seed, rhizome, etc.), how to use it, and special flavor and use notes. • Excellent tool for culinary groups, schools, home use, and professional use. • Chart is alphabetized for ease in reading. And with such a diverse list - from achiote seed all the way to vanilla pod - you'll find just the spice you are looking for. • Double sided 80# cover stock with UV coating for durability. Large 18 by 12 inch size.

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