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Imprisoned Spaces - Pedro Lobo

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Published by:
Chris Rauschenberg
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
92 pages Perfect-bound
architecture, barracos, bars, Brazil, Carandiru, cells, colombia, imprisoned, inmates, Itaguy, Lobo, maximum security, medellin, medium security, murals, penitentiary, Prisoners, prisons, São Paulo, Security

Photographs showing prisoner's cells in Brazilian and Colombian penitentiaries, including Carandiru, São Paulo, now demolished, famous for a prison massacre in 1992 in which 111 inmates were killed. The images in "Imprisoned Spaces" focus in human condition and the struggle for dignity and have been shown at Blue Sky Gallery, USA and Centro Colombo Americano, Colombia.

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Blue Sky Books: Imprisoned Spaces - Pedro Lobo