Bijoux de Famille | Photographs by Ravarour

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drkrm gallery
Standard / 10.75" x 8.25"
70 pages Wire-O
gay, male nudes, photography

"This book through its deceptively simple presentation of one penis after another seen through a colored filter with no comment is a milestone work which uncovers male genitals in a “here it is” manner of honoring in keeping with the best of Art and spiritual expression. At one point in history religionists took hammers to the penises of statues of Greek Gods, which were kept in museum boxes for safe keeping. Now they are here again, in the open, thanks to the photography of Ravraour. In this time of gender equality we need to take the wraps off and honor our genitals with the same reverence as the rest of our body. As an artist/minister/sex educator I welcome this important addition to an age of compassionate sexuality."

Rev. Laird Sutton, B.A.,M.Div.,S.T.M.,Ph.D., Academic Dean Emeritus, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

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Bijoux de Famille | Photographs by Ravarour