Homecoming Collection 2014

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Published by:
Grant Howitt
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
58 pages Perfect-bound
Crafts & Hobbies
collection, experimental, rpg, tabletop

The Homecoming Collection features four strange tabletop roleplaying games, each designed to be played with an open mind and a willingness to have stupid fun with your friends on a Friday night.

The four games are:

- WIZARD BATTLE HATS - a game not only about wearing as many hats as possible, but also stacking dice under ridiculous time pressure

- THICKER THAN WATER - a card game about traitorous criminal vampires based on Indian Poker

- THE CULT OF OSIRIS - a pulp magic game where players must wrap themselves in toilet paper to heal their wounds

- DOCTOR MAGNETHANDS' GRAND CARDVALCADE - the sequel to the original DOCTOR MAGNETHANDS that rummages through your other games like a drunk through your liquor cabinet

This is a print edition of the Patreon-funded Exclusive Edition, so it contains characters and sample adventures for WIZARD BATTLE HATS and THE CULT OF OSIRIS at no extra cost.

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Homecoming Collection 2014