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Yankee Stadium E-Guide

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Published by:
Kurt Smith
Digest / 5.25" x 8.25"
36 pages Saddle-stitched
Travel & Vacations
ballparks, baseball, new york city, New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium

Want to visit Yankee Stadium but don't want to pay New York City baseball prices for everything? Find out how to save money on everything from tickets to parking to food, and find out how to get a great seat, avoid parking and traffic hassles, and decide what to eat at the Yankees game-you can get all of this information and much more in the Yankee Stadium E-Guide. It's just $9.99 plus shipping, and you get the bookmarked digital version at no extra cost. You'll be a Yankee baseball expert when you order a Yankee Stadium E-Guide today!

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