Afterzine 3: Records

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Published by:
Hamish Robertson
Square / 8" x 8"
40 pages Perfect-bound
Afterzine, art, culture, design, zine

Afterzine is an arts and culture journal edited by Hamish Robertson, featuring a collection of invited works upon dictated themes.

Issue 3 carries the theme of "records," and features contributions by Dianna Agron, Peter Broderick, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Filippo Minelli, Z Berg, and more.

Contributors to Issue 3:
Dianna Agron
Theodora Allen
Sophie Auster
Z Berg
Peter Broderick
Jacqueline Cameron
Michael Clowater
Julie Cockburn
Andy Denzler
Lynn Downey
Molly Erman
Sarah Sophie Flicker
Ashrita Furman
Steven Gregor
Laura Havlin
Pier-Yves Larouche
Yvonne Lee
Erin McKenna
Christopher Marsden
Jennifer Medina
Meredith Melnick
Filippo Minelli
Rowan Moore
Hamish Robertson
Jonathan Reid Sevigny
Annamarie Tendler
Andi Teran
Stephan Tillmans
Jen Turner
Jonathan P. Watts

Afterzine: Afterzine 3: Records