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Simon Wing, photographer, entrepreneur, and one-time presidential candidate, is a central figure in the 2018 PHSNE Journal Issue 176. Contents include: "Simon Wing's Photographic Collection Comes Home," by Randel Mott-Cobb, a story about hidden cameras, images, and artifacts re-discovered and now on display in a new museum; "The Marvelous Multiplying Camera," by Peter and Barbara Schultz, offers a history of Wing's signature invention for speeding the production of tintype photographs; and "It's Complicated: A History of the Towne, Ober, and Towne & Whitney Studios," by John Felix, traces the life of photographer Anna Wing Towne, Simon's daughter, along with her husband, Willis Towne, his other wife, Clara Ober Towne, Anna's business partner, Alma Whitney, and the intrepid cyclist, Mrs. Kapchowsky, aka Annie Londonderry. It really is complicated! 62 pages. Published by the Photographic Historical Society of New England (PHSNE) © 2019.

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