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Bring solutions in your life through this way of pratikraman (Hindi Dadavani September-2008)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Life, pratikraman, solutions

Normally this question confuses the traveler of the path of the moksha, that despite attending many religious discourses how come no meaningful result is attained in daily life. A person binds karma because of committing mistakes from overt to the subtlest level knowingly or unknowingly through the speech, action or deep inner intent in the life, so how can one become free from these karma effects? How can one remain detached from the effects of gross or subtle kashayas: anger-pride-deceit-greed? Dadashri says if one does pratikraman for an hour, with the pure awareness of the Self then he can experience being in the realm of the Self. Pratikraman is the great weapon given by the Lord. It is possible to win over the world and be victorious by non-violence. Our ardent prayer is that let us accomplish success on the path of liberation by destroying all the faults by following the understanding of principle of this wonderful science.

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