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The Signature of the Ego (English Dadavani June-2014)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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There are two parts to the work that happens through the human body; the gross part is the external activity, and the subtle part is the antahkaran. When circumstantial evidences come together, then the mind gets involved in thoughts and shows various pamphlets, and based on that, the chit shows a variety of photos, and the intellect gives a decision which the ego endorses. Without the ego, no work can be accomplished. The mind-intellect-chit-ego perform their role, and ‘we’, the pure Soul, should remain in ‘our’ role. ‘Our’ role is Gnata-Drashta (Knower-Seer); just to ‘see’ and ‘know’, not interfere. In reality, the Self does not interfere; the discharge ego interferes. In that, if the awakened One does not sign, then it is not considered as interference. The extraordinary spiritual science of how to experience the taste of liberation by swa-purushartha in not signing with the discharge ego, is revealed in absolutely revered Dadashri’s speech.

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Dadavani Magazine: The Signature of the Ego (English Dadavani June-2014)

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