One Hour Opera:

Mobile Impressions of an Icon

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Published by:
Michael Baranovic
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
iPhone, iPhone photography, iphoneography, mobile photography, photo, photography, poetry, sydney, Sydney Opera House

"My friend and I have lost the third in our group. We phone to track him down: ‘I’m at the front.’ Which front? ‘The harbour side.’ It’s all harbour side! We stalk one another clockwise around the building like cyclists in a velodrome, though our pace is languorous and the hour stretches on."

How do you represent one of the world's most documented tourist sites? A photographer, poet and writer explore their fleeting impressions of the Sydney Opera House.

Note* All photographs in this magazine were shot and edited on an iPhone.

One Hour Opera: Mobile Impressions of an Icon