STRANGELANDS Exhibition Catalog:

STRANGELANDS Exhibition Catalog

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Jared Iorio
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
48 pages Perfect-bound
art, cardiff, Collective, contemporary, documentary, International, landscape, photography, portrait,, strangers, street, third floor gallery, uk

Strangelands is a collaborative effort by an international team of photographers that aims to meld geographically distinct images into one sweeping and dreamlike landscape. The end effect is a sometimes surreal, always surprising juxtaposition of artist, place and vision. More than a reflection on the blurring of boundaries through international means of communication, strangelands is a celebration of today's odd marriage between the local and the global, the hyper-specific and the triumphantly cosmopolitan. brings together 22 photographers from major cities around the planet. The group is united less by a common aesthetic than by a certain quixotic vision of the world, one that seeks out the subtle strangeness hidden behind everyday reality.

STRANGELANDS Exhibition Catalog: STRANGELANDS Exhibition Catalog