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    PPM's vision is to advocate women’s voices through the promotion of their art and writing. PPM cultivates a multicultural atmosphere that focuses on today’s women's issues—a safe, nurturing place to explore feminist ideas and celebrate the unique experiences of women in every phase of their lives.
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    Issue 21 weaves together a disparate collection of art, poetry, and essays that give testimony to the universal spirit of woman.
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    Happy International Women's Day! Pink Panther Magazine is thrilled to launch our 26th issue, Volume 8, Number 1. PPM launched its first issue eight years ago today. This issue’s feature gallery and interview showcases long-time member Helene Ruiz’s art and artist’s journey. The art and poetry featured in this edition weave together work that observes our shared world through a crack in the universe. The issue wraps up with a poetry feature of Laura Bodary's selected works.
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    A celebration of women's art and poetry.
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    Join our celebration of art and writing inspired by the female experience. Issue 25 features the art of one of PPM’s long-time admired artists, Cynthia Lund Torroll, whose pencil and paper creations are anything but ordinary. Explore art and writing by Nancy Ames, Julie Khoroshikh’s, Felicia Krol, Suvi Mahonen, and voices from all over the globe.
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    Pink Panther Magazine's vision is to advocate women’s voices through the promotion of their art and writing. Our multimedia aim is to cultivate a multicultural atmosphere that focuses on today’s women's concerns—a safe, nurturing place to explore feminist ideas and celebrate the unique experiences of women in every phase of their lives.
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    Issue 22 presents multicultural art and writing that focuses on today’s women's issues, exploring feminist ideas and celebrating the unique experiences of women in every phase of their lives.
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    This month, Pink Panther takes a journey of exploration as our artists peel back layers and venture into a vast realm that is barely understood and seldom examined – the extraordinary world of consciousness within us all. How our emotions shape us, the rushes of raw emotion we feel, and how we react to those forces. It is a personal journey, yet one we all take, with landmarks we can all empathise with.
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    One of Pink Panther Magazine’s visions is to see every woman connect with other women in order to glean from each other’s experiences and to draw upon the encouragement and support a sisterhood of shared interests can provide. The art, poetry, and articles selected for each issue cover a plethora of feminist experiences—most of which center on the individual woman and how she reacts, adapts, and navigates through her daily endeavors. The common threads that bind Issue 18 together center on this idea of the individual woman’s quest to find places to exist as her unique, individual self. The many faces of self-doubt and self-loathing, and how they influence self-perceptions, are another reoccurring motif in this edition. In an attempt to understand the complex inner workings of woman and the inspiration she exhales while navigating life’s rough waters, the articles, art, and poetry selected for this issue focus on what is at the core of experience and the impressive aspects associated with overcoming.
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    Issue 19 is filled with evocative art and poetry that celebrate and give voice to women's quest for equality. Check out PPM's interview with Canadian artist and activist, Heather King, as well as Jinan Younis' article "What Happened When I Started a Feminist Society at School."
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    Woman’s journey is one of personal growth, exploration, and pushing through the mists of the unknown. Somewhere beyond the veil’s limits is a world full of challenges and choices that woman must face. The experiences that await her are filled with joy, trials, and even hardships—all with their own variations of life lessons. And as she lives, loves and learns, she will overcome vanities, as well as endless disappointments and triumphs in order to build strength. Throughout life, most women will arrive at a place where they have to put their own needs into storage—even at peril of losing touch with them indefinitely. Recovering and rediscovering these lost or displaced parts add a whole other dimension to each woman’s life journey.
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    . Miree Coleman The Pink Panther, and Denise Meyer, IIDM North Carolina…
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    Did we lose our heads whilst we were shopping? What has happened to feminism and where have all the interesting women gone? Why do so many women shy away from feminism?  These are the themes that run through Pink Panther this month, alongside evocative art and poetry from our redbubble community. 
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    Fall 2011 ... Print: $16.00 Digital free with Print. Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 21.
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    free with Print. Felix Magazine | Summer Autumn 2016 | The Gratification Issue.
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