Customer Advocate: Adriana


Our newest team member, Adriana was drawn to MagCloud because of the rumors about it being a cool place to work. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as early stage start-ups, Adriana navigates business issues with finesse. When she is not at the computer, she is training for the next half-marathon.

Platform Developer: Rudi Benkovič

Rudi Benkovič

Rudi has to think too much about the most hidden parts of the MagCloud system, especially those that grind thru the widest array of malformed PDF files. Odd programming challenges are dealt with in a pinch, as long as the work week's day contains the letter R. Don't tease him on any of the other days, as he keeps a big collection of medieval swords and bows.

Marketing Maven: Lauren Bernsen

Lauren Bernsen

When Lauren, our PR and Marketing guru, is not designing our advertisements and collateral, she’s planning our events and tradeshows and keeping our social calendar full. A former US-Sailing team member, a prolific chef and our in-house fashionista, Lauren works hard to keep us busy and looking good!

Chief MagClouder: Andrew Bolwell

Andrew Bolwell

Andrew loves to make things happen, and with over 20 years of high-tech experience, Andrew has spearheaded some of HP's most groundbreaking business initiatives. When not steering the MagCloud juggernaut, crunching numbers and doing whatever it takes, Andrew can be found living his life philosophy that we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.

Platform Lead: Gorazd Breskvar

Gorazd Breskvar

Gorazd spends way too much time in front of the computer making sure everything runs correctly and trying to achieve perfect code. Managing the MagCloud platform development team, raising two kids and running his own company leaves him no time to sleep. "I slept 'til 11 am" is never a good conversation starter with him.

Pixel Enthusiast: Matt Carrier

Matt Carrier

Matt is a pixel connoisseur who enjoys the finer details of a Bresenham line. When not staring at arrays of smoothly rendered pixels he enjoys playing guitar and consuming coffee.

Strategic Advisor: Udi Chatow

Udi Chatow

Udi is part ninja warrior and part mensch. He likes to make things happen and is always there to lend a helping hand. One of the brains behind HP’s revolutionary Indigo presses and MagCloud co-found, Udi is an aviator with a passion for print.

User Experience Advocate: Sean Dolinsky

Sean Dolinsky

Sean firmly believes that users truly come first. As a result, he is passionate about developing new ways of creating intuitive experiences that support the needs of MagCloud users. When he's not wire-framing and pixel pushing, Sean can be found mountain biking the hills of the San Francisco Bay Area and attending live rock shows whenever possible.

Chief Technologist: Andy Fitzhugh

Andy Fitzhugh

Also known as Chief Geek and MagCloud cofounder, Andy is a long time HP Labs researcher trained in digital imaging and psychology, and helps fill the gaps between technology, business, and human behavior. Away from the computer he loves running, cycling and swimming—but never on the same day.

Developer: Bruce Fujinami

Bruce Fujinami

Bruce enjoys working on cool projects, working with good people and using the latest and greatest new technologies. MagCloud fits the requirements. Bruce is working on administrative applications to manage the site. When not at work, you'll find Bruce at a golf course in San Diego or in his garage learning the craft of woodworking.

Business Development Manager: Mark Giordono

Mark Giordono

Mark develops win-win businesses for customers, suppliers and frenemies alike. He’s delivered wearable printers at HP, turned ivory tower ideas into startups at MIT and built appropriate technology businesses in the Peace Corps. In his free time, Mark can be found with his kids searching for great places to hike, paddle or drink coffee.

Design Consultant: James Goode

James Goode

James is a designer living and working in the increasingly humid city of Sydney. He makes sure everything is fun and easy to use here at MagCloud and spends far too long noodling around with grids and type. His many cats and dogs describe him as ‘warm’, ‘playful’ and ‘food providing’ but wonder why he spends so much time with his laptop.

Community Manager: Meghan Kennedy

Meghan Kennedy

A print designer by trade, Meghan spends her days pitching new use cases to potential MagCloud publishers. When Meghan is not out pounding the pavement recruiting new users or monitoring the print queues ensuring you stick to our content guidelines, she can be found exploring the streets of San Francisco or hitting the slopes in Tahoe.

Testing Engineer Lead: Andreja Kropivšek

Andreja Kropivšek

Andreja keeps the large group of male hotshot programmers in check by finding embarrassing bugs in their "unbreakable" code so that the MagCloud site is free of the oddest bugs that you would undoubtedly find. They all really love her bug reports that never stop. Besides her thrill for adrenaline sports, she really enjoys gardening and carnivorous plants.

Operations Coordinator: Tina Larson

Tina Larson

Tina is our liaison between HP’s print services providers and customers to ensure each publication printed looks great and reaches customers in a timely fashion. When she’s not working on new HP business developments, she enjoys a random road trip… destination unknown!

Chief Webographer: Tim Lee

Tim Lee

Tim's all about turning ideas into something you can click. As one who revels in the art of writing code, several Fortune 100's have found his handiwork running part of their business. When not sculpting features on MagCloud, you'll find him pedaling up a mountain, composing "music," showing a trout who's boss, or inhaling O2 with his beautiful new bride.

Tester: Anja Lipar

Anja Lipar

Anja is in charge of MagCloud end user testing, making sure the web site, as our users see it, works properly without any of those annoying error windows popping up. In Anja’s free time she likes to enjoy life, travel to new destinations, explore new cultures and engage in sports and the outdoors.

Customer Advocate: Mike


Mike has worked in most parts of the computer industry at one time or another but to him MagCloud is the coolest product ever! He enjoys helping people and when he's not rescuing customers Mike looks for lost hikers on a Search and Rescue team in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

Program Manager: Jones Oliver

Jones Oliver

Jones has over 15 years at HP and his current role covers just about everything “printing” for MagCloud. He’s also the guy on our team that gets a lot of the photography questions. Aside from slinging cameras – Jones enjoys time with family, backpacking and has a secret desire to be a judge on Iron Chef.

Development Lead, Operations: Greg Phillips

Greg Phillips

Bit wrangler, log tosser and jack-of-all-trades. Greg likes to keep the trains running, so he's usually focused on deployment and support automation. He's also likely to be spotted writing code and helping customers solve problems. Greg hails from HP, and now runs his own consulting outfit in sunny San Diego.

Design Consultant: Derek Powazek

Derek Powazek

Derek has been creating interesting things online and off since 1995, including Fray and JPG Magazine. The author of "Design for Community," he's passionate about creating places where people can be creative. When he's not obsessing about the future of publishing, you can find him in his garden talking to plants that don't talk back.

Software Brogrammer: David Seruyange

David Seruyange

David is a web application developer on the prairie. When he is not honing his craft he stays fit by chasing a toddler named Simeon.

Platform Developer: Ivan Škof

Ivan Škof

Ivan is a programming enthusiast with a passion for elementary physics, mathematics, space engineering and games theory. And music. He loves to dance - swing, Charleston, lindy hop. You name it and he'll do it. Despite that he is still a hardcore raver at heart.

Marketing Mixologist: Patty Tulloch

Patty Tulloch

Patty's at the marketing helm for all things MagCloud. Having worked with a third of the top 25 brands in the world, she knows how to stir up just the right blend of buzz and hoopla to get MagCloud and our awesome publishers noticed. In her spare time, Patty likes to hang with her 4 pooches, cook, wine taste, golf and dabble in photography.

Software Archaeologist: Jeff Veatch

Jeff Veatch

Jeff is a tech enthusiast and keeps his fingers in many technology pies. When away from his computer, he can be found exploring high mountain passes, playing games involving twenty sided dice, or being yelled at by his cats.

Platform Developer and Database Specialist: Boris Veršič

Boris Veršič

"The big red button? Sure, I pressed it, seemed rather innocuous."