MagCloud in the News for 2011

To Be is to Do: HP MagCloud Helps SMB Retailer, TOOBYDOO, Turn Philosophy into Children’s Fashion
367 Addison Ave., 7 DEC 2011
"Lips says, “HP MagCloud is easy to use and it’s the quickest way to get from idea to product – and speed is very important for us.”"
Magazine geeks use social media to make old-school print pub
28 JUL 2011
"Forget the debates about whether online media is killing print: For the makers of Longshot, the internet makes it possible to publish an issue of a magazine in just two days."
How To Make A Magazine In Two Days
Forbes, 25 JUL 2011
"Announce your theme at noon on a Friday using all of the powers of social media at your disposal. Give potential contributors 24 hours to create and submit their masterpieces. Spend the next 24 hours in a sleepless, coffee-powered editing haze. Have the finished product (complete with polished design) available for printing via MagCloud at the 48 hour mark. Sound crazy? Nope, just another two days at the office for the brains behind Longshot magazine, the internet’s only real-time experiment in magazine publishing."
MagCloud Review
PCMag, 11 JUN 2011
"MagCloud is a free-to-use magazine publishing platform provided by HP that allows users to upload PDF files of their own magazines and distribute them both in print and digitally."
MagCloud: Make Your Own Music Fan Mag
Hypebot, 30 MAY 2011
"With Lady Gaga playing editor and Diddy offering a MYMAG for fans, creating editorial content is becoming another part of superstars' skill sets. But DIY'ers don't have to be left behind or forced to pay upfront printing costs to make a magazine for their fans with services like HP's MagCloud."
Magazines find new life with HP's MagCloud
PPI Magazine, 15 MAY 2011
"Fears that demand for newsprint and magazine grades is in a terminal nosedive haunt the industry. Disruptive technologies - first the Internet, then smart phones, e-books and now the iPad - seem to have changed the game permanently, breaking the long-established link between GDP growth and demand for publication papers. Yet, could a new web-based service be the disruptive technology that reverses this trend?"
New Publishing Formula – MagCloud Marries Print expertise & Cloud Services
mediaIDEAS, 28 MAR 2011
"When I started the Magazine Innovation Center more than one year ago, my goal was to help amplify the future of print. The goal, was, is and will continue to be, to use digital and the new technologies to help amplify print and its future. Last month I had the opportunity to visit one such company that is practicing what I am preaching: they are using technology to amplify the future of print."